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Dogging Tales in Dundee, Tayside tonight

Dundee in Tayside is a hotbed of Dogging action and there's at least one meet up planned this weekend. You've fantasised about peeking on a couple having sex in their car or getting involved in a massive outdoor gang bang - with us this can become a real life Dogging tale. We offer FREE accounts so you can have a look around our site and check out Dogging matches from the Tayside area.

The secret world of Dogging in Tayside and the best member meet-ups are at your fingertips


If you could ask Sharon to do anything, what would it be?

05-09-15 6:00 am

Staffordshire DoggingStaffordshire DoggingVoted 5th in our August top Dogging locations was Stoke on Trent and it really cements something we've known about for a while and that is the up and coming Staffordshire Dogging scene.

Yardley Dogging with Lilly

04-09-15 11:37 pm

Lilly in Yardley DoggingLilly in Yardley DoggingWith it being 4th in the August Dogging charts, we thought it was important to hunt down a Dogger in the West Midlands - and would you believe it we stumbled upon the Yardley Dogging club and it's founding member, Lilly.

Top UK Dogging hotspots in August 2015

01-09-15 6:00 am

Let's Go Dogging UKLet's Go Dogging UKFollowing on from the success of the July Dogging hotspot reveal, we've collated the data from August and can reveal the latest Dogging hotspots from our member database.

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