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Dogging Tales in Scarborough, North Yorkshire tonight

Scarborough in North Yorkshire is a hotbed of Dogging action and there's at least one meet up planned this weekend. You've fantasised about peeking on a couple having sex in their car or getting involved in a massive outdoor gang bang - with us this can become a real life Dogging tale. We offer FREE accounts so you can have a look around our site and check out Dogging matches from the North Yorkshire area.

The secret world of Dogging in North Yorkshire and the best member meet-ups are at your fingertips


The Grove, WD3

30-09-15 8:27 am

Five star luxury Dogging location near The GroveFive star luxury Dogging location near The GroveThe Grove, WD3Activity levels2015-09-304.7Overall ScoreReader Rating: (0 Votes)Five star luxury Dogging near The Grove “Excellent at weekends, after 9pm”

X-factor dogging scandal at bootcamp

30-09-15 7:59 am

Xfactor bootcamp dogging scandalXfactor bootcamp dogging scandalThis summer The Grove hotel in Watford was home to a little X-factor dogging scandal as it's close to some very well known dogging spots.

Outdoor sex in Dyfed

17-09-15 7:32 am

You love Outdoor sex in Dyfed as much as we doYou love Outdoor sex in Dyfed as much as we doWhilst many doggers love the security of their car for Dogging action, there is a growing group of dogging fans who simply like the thrill of the open air an with Isabel we've definitely found someone who is desperate for outdoor sex in Dyfed

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